How to Select Window Locks

How to Select Window Locks

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All ground-floor windows require locks for achieving maximum security no matter whether the building is commercial or residential. The same is true for windows which are easily accessible via emergency stairways or other structures including tall trees. In order to ensure perfect lock installation and performance, you have to select the best locking devices. Use the following steps to make the right choice.How to Select Window Locks

Window Type Requirements

The types of windows which you have determine the kinds of locking devices which can be used.

Choose carefully between the two main types of casement window locks - The frames of these windows are held by hinges on the sides so that they can go back and forth. A special level handle is fitted so that operation is more convenient. The main option is a locking device which is integrated with this handle. The handle can be moved only if it is unlocked. The other option is to have a device which is fitted directly on the frame and keeps it locked. Even if the handle is moved slightly, it cannot open the window.

Compare sash window lock designs carefully - The bolt devices are the most popular options sash windows as they secure both the fixed and the sliding frame effectively in place. The snap locks are easier to use, but they do not typically offer the same level of security as their bolt counterparts. You must ensure that the device can be fitted on the window given the material which the frame is made from. This tip is also essential to keep when the time for lock change comes.

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Pay attention to the size and strength of top hung window locks - The device must be large enough to keep the frame securely in locked. It must be strong so that it is not easily snapped. You have to confirm that the device can be set to the frame depending on whether it is made from wood, aluminium or UPVC. This is crucial for proper lock fitting.

General Requirements

Pay attention to the metal make - The window locking devices must be made from hard steel which is resistant to corrosion. The lower the metal gauge is the better.

Ensure that all hardware components are included in the package - You should get at least two keys with the lock. You can readily opt for key cutting if you want to leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or close friend.

It is a good idea to get window locks from reputable manufacturers only.

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