Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Our locksmith company offers domestic, commercial and automotive solutions including fast emergency services available at all times. We repair and replace locks and keys of all types and brands.

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All of a sudden the lock doesn’t work as it should, or the key breaks. These things can happen to anyone at any time, and in times like these you are going to need fast and professional assistance.

Lost Car Key

This is an extremely serious urgent problem since someone may find the key and use it to drive off with your car. The solution involves several steps. The first one is opening the car's door. When the right opening technique is applied, you will have access to your vehicle in seconds and the door and its lock will remain intact. Step two involves rekeying or changing the ignition to prevent the use of the old key. The replacement key requires programming to open the vehicle and start the engine.

Lock Replacement

This is the best solution in case of a break-in through the door. Burglars use various techniques from drilling to snapping, but practically all of them leave the lock broken and unusable. When the cylinder and/or the locking mechanism are broken and you can’t get into your home, lock change is also the only solution. It is best to upgrade to a more advanced lock which is highly resistant to break-in techniques in addition to being strong and durable.

Broken Office Key

Emergency ServicesThis is a fairly common problem, especially for big businesses. The key typically breaks inside the lock. The reasons are many and different. Most often there is combination between bent blade and too much force used to turn the key. Extracting the pieces stuck inside the cylinder is the first step of the fix. This is done without affecting the cylinder. If the test shows that the lock has been damaged along with the key, it should be repaired or replaced.

In case of lock and key trouble, seek our emergency services to get a fast solution. We repair, rekey and change locks of all brands and replace even the most advanced transponder keys. Count on us, at Locksmith Staines-upon-Thames, to be with you shortly and to eliminate the problem on the spot.

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