Effective and Efficient Improvements

Effective and Efficient Improvements

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Burglaries result not only in material losses, but in emotional traumas well. You naturally want to do everything necessary to protect your family and your property. But how can you be sure that you have taken adequate measures? Home premises security audit will determine this. Learn more about this method for security assessment and its benefits.Effective and Efficient Improvements

Taking Advantage of Home Security Audit

The audit involves the inspection and assessment of all security devices and systems used on the premises. The list includes not only the external door locks, but also the internal ones and the ones installed on windows, if any. Garage and gate locks and any padlocks securing outbuildings are also checked. Special focus is placed on the condition, use and keeping of keys. Any CCTV and alarm systems present on the premises are also inspected and evaluated. The position, condition and operation of the elements are assessed. Additional factors such as outdoor lighting and fencing are also checked.

The report presents the strengths and weaknesses in the security of the property. The conclusions are based on thorough analysis. There is a list of recommendations to the owner as well. Our experts in Staines-upon-Thames suggest that all recommended measures are effectively implemented. If it is not possible for all of them to be taken at once, it is best to develop a special plan for this.

The suggested measures can range from simple ones such as getting front door lock upgrade and removing objects attached to the fence to more specific ones like deadbolt installation. In many cases, the measures involve making small changes to the current state of things. For instance, the position of a security camera may have to be changed so that it covers a larger and/or more important section of the property.

The audit allows you to make effective, lasting and cost-efficient improvements to the security of the premises. You will have peace of mind that you will have optimal security and that you are not spending your money in vain. The better overall security system will boost the value of the house in addition to making it more secure.

When is the best time for a home security audit to be performed? This should be done upon the purchase of a new house, preferably before you move in or shortly after. Sometimes, lock replacement may not be sufficient. You can also get an audit every five years after you have moved in and due to special circumstances such as crime rate increase.

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